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Translation of technical documentation

Experts of «TEST ENGINEERING Ltd.» will carry out technical translation for you on such themes as: mechanical engineering, power engineering, electrical equipment. At the certification of products the applicant must provide technical documentation, which must meet certain requirements. You can order a translation of technical documentation, such as:

  • the operation manuals of the equipment;
  • instructions for maintenance;
  • construction documentation;
  • drawings;
  • technical conditions.
  • Our experts have considerable experience in translating of scientific and technical text. They are viewing every document with special attention, carefully checking every word. So created by them professional technical translations are always so neat and accurate. Besides our specialists are experts in different areas of industrial safety and product certification.

    That the final version of the work (translation of technical documents) did not cause criticism from customer and served its interests, for qualitative technical translation  it is necessary not only to conduct a thorough analysis of the text and its parts, but also to study in detail the complex terminology that may occur in the text. In addition, our translators take into account the style and material.

    If  necessary to translate a large amount of text,  several specialists connects to  this work. To translate a technical text without errors, it is repeatedly  checked by our proofreaders

    We offer our customers the best prices on the services provided by the organization. We provide technical translation inexpensive and this work is obtained very good quality. But the final price for the translations of technical texts is dependent on many factors. Before determining cost of the your translation of technical documentation, we must be at least briefly analyze how the text itself, and the volume of this work. That is, we need to understand a complexity of technical translation and already, on this basis, we determine the price for their work.

    If you need free expert advice, you need to contact us at the telephone number listed on the site. Let us know what kind of translation of technical documents you need, as well as send us by e-mail informational materials so that our experts have analyzed them and were able to give a preliminary assessment of the future its work cost.

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