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Testing and inspection

Perform acceptance tests is one of the requirements to obtain a safety using of machine. After manufacturing machine the manufacturer and developer must make sure that the machine complies with the established requirements including the requirements for safety.


Tests are performed in accordance with the Program and methodology of acceptance tests of a technical device, concerted with the RTN.

«TEST ENGINEERING Ltd.» can develop a program and methodology of acceptance tests for the technical device used at hazardous production facilities.

As a rule, having significant experience, accredited testing laboratory and corresponding equipment, experts "Test Engineering Ltd." are involved in these tests. This greatly facilitates the applicant decision of many questions related to the organization of tests.

Certification tests can be combined with acceptance tests. These tests product were are carried out for detection establishment the characteristics of its properties (mostly safety requirement) national standards. Amount of certification tests is determined the Program approved by the head of the certification body.

In addition, "Test Engineering Ltd." realize other tests (control, periodic, standard, qualification), and technical examination of technical devices at hazardous production facilities in accordance with the Rules of RTN.


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