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Non-destructive testing

Part of the industrial safety examination of dangerous industrial objects is a complex of works on technical diagnostics and nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment.

Non-destructive testing - one of the most important elements of industrial safety of technical devices, and buildings during construction and operation of dangerous industrial objects. Level increasing industrial safety is achieved through the reliability, reproducibility, comparability of the non-destructive testing. It is often a part of the expert examination of industrial safety.

Non-destructive testing allows to obtain information about changing the parameters determining state of technical devices and buildings, as well as ensure the timeliness and quality of work for their maintenance and repair.

Laboratory NDT TEST ENGINEERING. certified for work on non-destructive testing at the facilities of boiler inspection, elevating structures, building structures.

Test-Engineering Ltd. has its own testing base and means of measurement and control, and also has the ability to create their own measurement systems up to necessary the programming on PC.

Diagnosed objects:

1. Boiler inspection facilities:

  • Steam and hot water boilers.
  • Electric boilers.
  • Vessels working under pressure over 0.07 MPa.
  • Piping for steam and hot water for a working steam pressure over 0.07 MPa and a water temperature above 115 C.
  • Chamber.

2. Lifting facilities:

  • Cranes.
  • Lifts (towers).
  • Cable cars.
  • Funiculars.
  • Escalators.
  • Elevators.
  • Crane-pipelayers.
  • Platform lifts for the disabled.
  • Crane Roads.

3. Building construction (building objects).

  • Metal structures.
  • Penetrant test of boom

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