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What should consider when buying a crane

It is known that the purchase of foreign lifting equipment (e.g. crane or work platform) is associated with many difficulties, which may be partially or even completely eliminated at the signing of the purchase contract.

First, the new legislation in the field of technical regulations requires a conformity assessment of lifting equipment requirements of the technical regulations Customs Union TR CU 010/2011 "On the safety of machines and equipment" in the form of obligatory certification. Certification procedures is provided in Article 11 of this Regulation.

Therefore, when buying a new machine should be immediately specify in the contract that the crane must meet the safety requirements in force in the Russian Federation (or directly on the territory of the Customs Union) and have the appropriate supporting documents. For lifting equipment it is a certificate of conformity.

In our practice there were cases when Russian customers cranes could not even present any claims against the products delivered, as the contract did not provide for conformity with industrial safety requirements acting in the Russian Federation. There was even a case where the crane on the contract had to match French safety norms (and all!). What claims could be to the manufacturer after finding discrepancies?

Note that the applicant for certification schemes 1c, 9c may be a legal entity or natural person as an individual entrepreneur registered in accordance with the legislation of the Member State of the Customs Union on its territory:

When applying directly to a foreign manufacturer, you should to keep in mind that the foreign manufacturer can not act as the applicant for certification of products according to technical regulations. That is, the owner of the certificate of conformity will be the person (the seller or a person authorized by the manufacturer), responsible for the compliance of products with the requirements TR CU 010/2011. Done early existance of a certified copy the certificate can be tell on the speed and correctness of customs clearance procedures and on the registration of crane in Rostekhnadzor.

If the certificate is missing at the time of purchase, should assess the risks associated with the subsequent confirmation of conformity, including the possible status of the applicant for certification. You can verify the authenticity of the certificate on the website Rosakkreditatsia.

Second, when analyzing of the contract for the purchase should check specific list of operational documentation (passport on Form Rules, operation manual in accordance with TR CU 010/2011) which a supplier must provide. Some foreign manufacturers don't have correctly executed passport, and some operating instructions don't comply with the requirements of the rules and technical regulations.

Conformity machine the requirements of technical regulations implies having a passport and operating manuals but it is better to err and to specify this point in the contract, especially if the products are not yet certified.

In some cases (for example, to confirm compliance), you can request a copy of the safety case, although shall make a reservation immediately that some foreign manufacturers don't know what it is. As a rule, all the residual risks associated with the operation of the machine, manufacturers specify in the relevant sections of the operating manual.

Thirdly, it must take into account the features installation and conditions operation of some imported lifting equipment. For example, the installation of the import crane bridge type on unprepared appropriately way crane rails can cause problems with the performance crane as foreign manufacturers of cranes impose sometimes more stringent requirements for rails than domestic norms. Some lifting equipment (working platforms, tower cranes, mobile cranes, etc.) may be inoperative in cold weather due to the minimum allowable operating temperature at the passport - minus 20-25 degrees Celsius. Domestic standards of industrial safety for some machines require the installation of additional safety devices, sensors, safety guards missing from the standard specifications.

It is clear that the manufacture of machines by the more stringent standards, out of higher strength steel, with additional safety devices can lead to higher prices for equipment, but it comes to safe operation, environmental protection, the life of the people. Therefore, it is not always necessary to think only about the cost of the machine when it comes to safety.

The equipment should has a marking plate in Russian and safety sign in Russian or in form of pictogrammes.

The specialists of certification and expert center "Test Engineering Ltd." are ready to share the experience gained while working in the field of certification and examination of industrial safety.

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