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Risk analysis hazards for conformity assessment

The risk assessment is a key to the safety of machine or equipment, a effective and economical tool reducing the risk of using machinery. The Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 010/2011 "On the safety of machines and equipment" requires a risk assessment (hazard analysis) which to be carried out for all products falling under its scope.

The risk assessment is an inalienable part of the safety case after conformity assessment (in the form of certification or in the form declaration). It should be used to identify hazards and determine whether or not they are adequately controlled.

The Test-Engineering team has a staff of highly trained and experienced safety engineers (experts) who perform hazard analysis and risk assessment with your company's input.

The general approach to hazard analysis / risk assessment is outlined in the Russian standards GOST R ISO 12100-1, GOST R ISO 12100-2, GOST R ISO 13849-1 и GOST R 51344-99 (analogs of standard ISO 12100). The purpose of these standards is to provide guidance for the safety of machinery and the type of documentation required in verifying a risk assessment.

Our approach is based upon the process of identifying hazards, expert analysis of the risk and making decisions for reducing risks associated with hazards to acceptable levels.

With this approach, hazards that are not easily identified, but not likely to occur, are documented with an explanation. This allows the designer (or manufacturer) to add appropriate measures in the documentation, if any, that should be taken to confirm product compliance with the Technical Regulations.

Additional general information about hazard analysis and risk assessment may be obtained from our experts after your request.

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