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Requirements for the manufacturer lifting and handling equipment

In accordance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment"(see Article 5), the manufacturer takes responsibility to ensure the safety defined project (design) documentation. At the same time, the manufacturer shall provide possibility monitoring the implementation of all technological operations on which depends safety and testing of product. At these moments is necessary to draw attention during conformity assessment of production.

When product certification the certification body carries out analysis of the production of the manufacturer and periodic inspection control. At the time it checks the location of manufacturers in a certain place or established places, to what extent the manufacturer carries out or controls the production stage, the assessment, the maintenance and the storage of the product.

The manufacturer assumes all responsibility for the constant compliance of the product with the relevant requirements and executes all obligations resulting from the acceptance of responsibility. Therefore it is necessary to specify in the documentation, namely: in the passport of machine, in the instruction manual, as well as on the plate with the marking - the name and location of the manufacturer.

Foreign manufacturer authorized person (as per agreement) or seller (according to contract for the delivery of a product) should be responsible for the compliance of the machine or equipment to technical regulation requirements.

Also, if the manufacturer wants to change the address, ownership, name or other details, and those details are specified at registration of in the certificate and declaration of conformity, and their validity has not yet expired, it is necessary to change the document of conformity.

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