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Requirements for safety sign and marking plate on the equipment

Machine and (or) equipment must have clearly legible and indelible warning signs or signs on hazards. These signs may be in the form of pictograms and symbols according to GOST R 12.4.026 (analogue to ISO 7010 or  Directive 92/58/EEC).


Agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union was signed in Astana 29.05.2014 and shall enter into force on 01.07.2014. In accordance with paragraph 6 of Annex number 9 of the Agreement (Protocol on technical regulation within the Eurasian Economic Union) "when circulation on market of products on the territory of the Union the marking plate should be made in Russian. Subject to available requirements in the legislation of the Member States the marking plate should be made in the state language of the Member State in whose territory the products are sold.

We think that they had in mind the headers of the text marking rather than the name and address of the manufacturer. It's no secret that not all foreign companies have an official translation of the name in Russian. Especially since the translation of address is not logical, as this can hinder to send a written request to the manufacturer. And the name of the address must be the same as specified in the passport and in the certificate of conformity.

Also should not forget about a unified mark if all the technical regulations confirmation procedures of compliance (certification or declaration) established by the CU have finished in any of the countries of the CU, which must be confirmed by the documents provided for these forms of assessment.

Тhe unified mark can be applied on a marking plate. According to Article 12 of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of machinery and equipment" (TR TC 010/2011) you may apply a united mark of products on the market of the Member States of the Customs Union on the packaging and accompanying operational documents. If it can not be applied directly to the machine and (or) equipment, you may applied it on the title page of the passport or the operation manual.

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