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How to find the certificate or declaration of conformity

For checking certificate or declaration you should visit the site Rosaccreditazya by link http://fsa.gov.ru/, and then go to the section "Реестры".

Federal Service for accreditation has 10 registers, but for finding the needed document you should select from the list:

- For checking of the documents confirming compliance with requirements of national technical regulations (some regulations are already canceled)

Register 2: Реестр 2 Единый реестр деклараций о соответствии

Register 3: Реестр 3 Единый реестр сертификатов соответствия

- For checking of the documents confirming compliance with requirements of technical regulations Custom Union

Register 8: Реестр 8 Национальную часть Единого реестра выданных сертификатов соответствия, оформленных по единой форме

Register 9: Реестр 9 Национальную часть Единого реестра зарегистрированных деклараций о соответствии, оформленных по единой форме

In the window that appears is necessary to fill suggested menu (one or more, depending on the information that you have) and click "Поиск" (Search). For example, for searching of certificates issued by certification body "TEST-ENGINEERING Ltd." you can type in Cyrillic "MX17" in a menu "Номер сертификата" (Number of certificate ).

Then in the opened window you will find only the needed document and information contained in the register when registering.

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