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Documents from the applicant for certification

The technical regulations of the Customs Union have specific requirements for technical documentation.

It should follow the requirements of GOST 2.610-2006 and the requirements of technical regulations in the production of passports and manuals. Requirements for the Safety case are established rules set out in GOST R 54122-2010.

Passport equipment is the basic document for the identification of the equipment. A passport is obligatory for commercial realization of machines or equipment in the customs territory of the Customs Union at all stages of the life cycle of the equipment.

The passport of equipment is made by the manufacturer, which in this case has the right to obtain a passport at their own discretion, having declared in it minimum necessary amount of information in accordance with the normative documents. The stamp of the manufacturer is stamped on the passport equipment. Also here is indicated the date of issue. Usually this document contains information certifying manufacturer's warranty, the values of the basic parameters and characteristics (properties) of the product as well as information about certification and disposal of the product. Manufacturer of equipment sets a stamp in the Passport, and indicates the date of issue. In some cases, instead of the passport the Manufacturer prepares Form products (log book), which may contain information that is written during the period of its operation (the duration and conditions of operation, maintenance, repair, and other data).

We have noticed that foreign manufacturers often enough ignore such items as designated indicators (resource, service life), limit state criteria, guidelines for decommissioning and disposal, more rarely - periodic tests and inspections in operating and maintenance manuals.

Also, during confirmation of compliance is estimated such an important document called the safety case. In fact, it's some conception of developer distributing responsibilities between developer, the manufacturer and the customer in terms of safe operation of equipment.

Designer declares that he made the calculation, adopted some technical decisions, using some standards. He gives special instructions to the manufacturer, which he must perform during the production. He also gives some instructions to the consumer in the operating manual that he must carry out in order to the equipment could operate safely. Typically, it includes a risk analysis, as well as details out of the designing, operating and technical documentation about the minimum required safety measures. So often some sections coincide with the instructions provided in the manual.

It may be an analogue of the so-called "technical file" referred to in Annex VII of Directive 2006/42 / EC "On machinery". In this case, we recommend to apply Explanatory Note, combining various documents, conceptually not related to each other.

It should also be kept in mind that introduction of changes in the already registered certificates or declarations of conformity is not provide by the legislation, so you need to pay careful attention to details the applicant and the manufacturer.

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