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Design and development of passports for production

The manufacturer creates several of operational documents before sending the equipment to the consumer. This kit includes a passport machines (hardware), the presence of which is necessary for the sale of machines and equipment in the territory of the Customs Union at all stages of the life cycle of the equipment. Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 016/2011 "On safety devices, operating on fuel gas", does not produce specific requirements for the mandatory availability of a passport on a product.

The passport is issued for a specific serial number of the product and contains its main parameters and characteristics, information on certification or declaration, etc. Also, the passport must include information on the rights and obligations of the manufacturer (supplier) on guarantees in accordance with applicable law. The passport can be supplemented with information on inspection and testing, examination, produced repairs; drawings, diagrams and others documents depending on the type of equipment.

It should be noted that a number of technical regulations and standards still have additional requirements for the content of passports.

For example, according to the Technical Regulations of Customs Union «On the safety equipment of high pressure»(TR CU 032/2013), along with information which reflects design features of a particular equipment, passports for pipelines, boilers, vessels, tanks, valves and etc. include the information specified in paragraphs 19 - 23 of TR TC 032/2013.

Obviously, the passport, as well as manuals are drawn up out in Russian. Often domestic suppliers (person authorized by manufacturer) help to draw up passports on equipment for foreign manufacturers. We recommend in such cases to keep along with Russian the original text on the language of the manufacturer or in English, that some specialist (foreign worker), filling a passport, understand it is about. It also helps in cases where translation was performed incorrectly, particularly when translating the drawings, hydraulic or electrical circuitry and specifications.

Development of passports of machinery and equipment is an important and very responsible work. Therefore, it should be done by responsible engineers, with experience knowledge of the making of passports and regulatory framework.

In the event of difficulties during filling passports, you can seek advice from our specialists who can provide expert assistance in view of the design features of the equipment.

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