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Certificate of imported equipment

If you tried to put import products on the Russian market, you know probably all difficulty of this and features. With our help, it becomes easier. We will help you reduce contingencies on permit documents and operational documentation.


Our company will draw your attention to the design features to products conform to the requirements technical regulations, standards and industrial safety. However, many questions can be solved at the time of conclusion of the contract for the purchase of machinery or equipment.

Certification of some imported industrial equipment is carried out in accordance with Technical Regulations of the Custom Union. We made a partial translation of the Custom Union Technical regulations "On the safety of machines and equipment" TR CU 010/2011 specifically for the convenience of foreign companies. Documents about conformity confirmation issued or adopted prior to the effective date of the Technical Regulations have a limited duration.

Some imported machinery and equipment (for example, cranes, aerial working platforms, boilers, pressure vessels, etc.) cannot be imported into the territory of the Russian Federation without procedure of certification or declaration on conformity to requirements of the Technical Regulations. In relating to a number of equipment is also required getting Permissions for the use of Rostechnadzor and other approvals.

Certification of imported equipment has many features that is associated with difference between requirements standards of Russia and standards in other countries.

For example most often imported machinery and equipment is designed for the operation at temperatures from minus 20-25 ºC to 40 ºC, while the minus 25 ºC is the ordinary temperature in Russia in the winter. Therefore, the choice of materials when designing metal structures of machines produced in Russia is made considering the lower limit values ​​for ambient temperature of the working and nonworking states (for cranes - from minus 40 ºC).

Most often import machines are not equipped with safety devices that are necessary on requirements of industrial safety acting in the Russian Federation.

Machines and (or) used equipment, some spare parts are not subject to obligatory conformity assessment requirements of Technical regulations.

Even if the products are not subject to the technical regulations, it should still be designed a passport and Manual in Russian.

We draw attention to that a foreign manufacturer cannot be the applicant for certification or declaration of products if he has no an authorized representative. This should be a legal or physical person as an individual entrepreneur registered on the territory of the Customs Union.

Do not need to receive a permission to the use of Rostechnadzor for machinery and equipment, which are covered by Custom Union Technical regulations "On the safety of machines and equipment" TR CU 010/2011, since its action applies to machines and (or) equipment used at hazardous production facilities. However, if the machine does not meet any requirements of Rostekhnadzor Rules (for example: Rules on cranes PB 10-382-00, on loader cranes PB 10-257-98, on boilers PB 10-574-03 and etc.), it is required to carry out complex of works on industrial safety examination.

Conformity assessment in the form declaring may be replaced by request of the customer on a certification

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