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Certificate of conformity in the GOST R

GOST R certification system has its own form of the certificate of compliance and conformity mark.

"Information about the products subject to obligatory conformity confirmation (in the form of mandatory certification) GOST R certification system, included the obligatory requirements" as amended on 27.07.2012, in PDF format and in accordance with Government Resolution of the Russian Federation on March 21, 2012 № 213 for objects administered by the of Rosstandart.

The certification body «TEST ENGINEERING Ltd.» has the right to issue the certificate of compliance with the requirements GOST R system and Technical regulations.

In order to increase the amount of the traded commodity some applicants prefer to certify their products for compliance not only the requirements of technical regulations, but also in the GOST R system, even if it is not absolutely necessary (for example, certain standards, rules Rostechnadzor).

To get a certificate of compliance on a voluntary basis necessary to pass just about all the same procedures as for obligatory. The only difference is that the applicant (provider) independently chooses standards for the certification.

Certification schemes depend on the specific product. A schema is defined by Certification Body after receiving the necessary documents from the applicant in accordance with the requirements of GOST R.